Light can be your friend when it dawns men’s naked body

Posted: August 13, 2008 in naked body, sexy light
Light can be your friend when it dawns your naked body, but sometimes you don’t need light to show off a great body but in this shot it certainly helps! I love this photo because it’s suggestive, but very tasteful. The bare feet and open shirt really does it justice! Yum!

I love these “Gods of the Stadium” so much, that I am posting another massive post featuring them. Since partial profits of theses semi-nude and homoerotic calendars go to charity, why not promote them as much as we can? The popularity of the calendars has been credited for the increased fame of the Stade Français team, as well as rugby in general, in France. Starting with the 2004 edition, a DVD covering the making of the calendar has also been released every year. The calendars and DVDs are extremely successful, both with women and in the gay community.

I came across this photo months ago and thought it had an amazing quality about it. Seeing it again recently reminded me that I have to post it. The colors and lighting are great and his body is in great form. There’s definitely nothing to be shy about in this photo. I know there are more photos of him out there somewhere, feel free to share them!

This photo intrigued me. He obviously has a great body, well built, great looking guy, but as I examined this photo I noticed an interesting stain on his pants. Is this just the style of the pant or do you think this is something more subliminal?


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